NextNav, with its warehouse-ready positioning technology, going public via SPAC

Brazil has done a great job in his life and whether or not a company with a valuation of over $ 1 billion, with over $400 million in capital expenditures in order to put it back into operation for the development of the

NextNav, in the main, the product of a new generation of GPS systems, which have a more spatial information than the standard system, for example, in the building in which it is located, which is being made public in the world, thanks to the contacts of the company, the acquisition of a special occasion.

The SPACE is the legend of Acquisition Co., ltd., and most of the people in the team are actively involved in the field of telecommunications.

Neil Subin, one of Spartacus ‘ greatest presidents, as described in NextNav, in a call with investors, as is the case with the GPS tracking platform, introduced in his “hyper-accurate, pervasive, robust, 3-dimensional navigation and ad network location”.” We have a network of an “extraordinary opportunity “offending” use.”

“As with any network in the past, it is the network that manages the operation and use of, not the other way around,” Subin said, per a transcript of the call provided by the company.

Gary Parsons, chairman of the NextNav has made a link to the supply chain of websites can take advantage of its capabilities.

NextNav is the technology fits in with the Company for the Internet of Things (IoT), columns, Parsons said the ” core of the market, in particular, with the tracking and tracing of assets.

To see the assets in This way it works with the GPS, but it is often the tracking of the demand of the cities and towns, as well as the inside and the warehouses, ” he said.

NextNav, was founded under a different name, in 2007. Parsons said that it was created in order to deal with the fact that GPS tracking is a ” 2D ” service, which you can only clear to the eye line to the sky.”

Based on the statement, which was published in a single NextNav, and Subsequently, a report, a Culmination NextNav the product is, in fact, are the state-of-the-art technology, which uses GPS to provide location of an object, or a person on the floor, in the three-meter in 94% of the time, “has consistently demonstrated they have the best technology in the cool places.

The NextNav’s website, the company said it is important that the information which is in the Top there is a spot for the sensor, the available devices, such as phones, and can be used to measure the height.

NextNav commercial product TerraPoiNT, which is an attempt to give a full 3D, accuracy, resulting in “the situation of the control, navigation and synchronization.” “It can enhance or even replace the current GPS technology, Parsons said on an investor call. Its technologies have been exposed to 47 markets, and plans are in the works to build a network of like a deal with Brazil.

The NextNav’s website, he said, TerraPoiNT, the system uses a ground-based transmitter to be installed by the service industry. He said that its signal strength to 100,000 times greater than that of the GPS.

“Our technology provides a 3D punctuality, where GPS can’t be: in the room, and the built-up areas,” he said.

NextNav has been developed with a “moat” of the values of the business, Parsons said. “We are the only technology that has proved its ability to present the same, GPS,, navigation,,, time, or PNT services,” he said.

It is on a fully diluted basis, the cost for the connection, for approximately $ 1.2 billion, and is expected to be approximately $ 400 million of the proceeds will be returned to the company for further growth.

Parsons says that, when the network is finally, completely done, it may lead to an adjusted EBITDA margin of 70%. The marginal cost of running the network is followed by a reduction in the cost of the development.

NextNav’s common stock will trade on the Nasdaq exchange under the symbol VB.

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